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Josh O’Rourke

With the Building the Muse Art Hotel sits in today being built in the early 1960s, I gathered my inspiration for the art from what is considered the golden age 50s to 60s.

  • Largely driven by an exploration process of Shape, Colour, Scale and form I designed Scholé which means leisure.
  • Images lifted from Post war time Beach and Surf caught in the moment pose are depictions of female and male forms. (Nereids)

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Clint Parks

Concept: I wanted to capture the vibrant colors and movement from the 60s and 70s. Art and music were the two things I enjoyed from that era as well as the huge changes they went through. Also, the effects it had on different people looking on.

  • Family Mural is depicted from people who are curious but hesitant about the change that was happening.

The boy with the boombox represents the idea of embracing change, and the family in the mural is about people who were curious but hesitant. The change was happening regardless. I wanted to capture the vibrant colours and movement of the time.

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Kyla K

The 50s and 60s were an era of sensuality, style, and swag. From James bonds gentlemanly ways to Marilyn Monroe and her oozed sex appeal my artwork pays homage to this nostalgic and iconic design.

  • The Hallway artwork concept celebrates characters of Bond and Monroe.
  • Mid-century design of the Aston martin, breakfast at tiffany’s, cocktails, breezeblocks and furniture were also include in this mural.

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Jacob Root

Inspiration for the 8 prints for the hotel come from the 50s and 60s movie and advertising posters.

  • The idea of the movie posters that were extremely simplistic but amazing to look at. From the beautiful faces to the vibrate bright colours.
  • The mural is a sense of my style of stencil work with a mixed media background, with scenes of that Hollywood movie poster feel.

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Lara Marshall

I wanted to go with the concept of the Muses pink lady, through the presentation of shade of clay, terracotta and dusty tones contrasted with deep Prussian blue, black and Payne’s grey.

  • 3 key focal points of the mural that celebrate the female form and the Muses ‘Pink Lady’
  • Mid-century geometric shape will be incorporated via the application of colour , rectangles, circles and raw hand scribbles

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